New Libretto W100

At long last, Toshiba has revealed it’s new Libretto laptop that will be succeed the U100, which whilst being a fantastic machine, is a little dated at almost 5 years since the original release date.

Toshiba has now revealed information about their new Libretto W100 laptop, which is almost more of a cross between a tablet computer and a laptop.

Official Website

There is a video of the new machine at:

Announced price 1100 Euro.

- Dual 7.0-inch diagonal multi-touch displays (1024 x 600)
- 6-mode virtual keyboard with haptic response
- Windows® 7 Home Premium operating system
- Intel® Pentium® U5400 processor1 (1.2GHz)
- 2GB DDR3 memory
- 62GB Solid State Drive
- 1.0 megapixel HD Webcam with Toshiba Face Recognition
- WLAN 802.11 b/g/n wireless
- Bluetooth 2.1+EDR5
- MicroSD card slot
- One USB 2.0 port
- 8-cell battery
- 7.95″ (W) x 4.84″(D) x 1.2″(H) = 200 x 123 x 30 mm => about the size of my L110 !
- 1.8 lbs = 800g

(thanks Hal|dor for digging up the specs) :-)

It is interesting that Toshiba decided to use Windows 7 for this laptop, based on it’s size and touch nature, Android would seem like a very good fit, although I’m sure someone will port it regardless of whether it ships as a Windows-only device or not.

LibrettoWorld News

LibrettoWorld has now been moved to the new server provided by Amberdms Ltd and is being administrated by long time LibrettoWorld contributor Jethro Carr.

I’d like to express thanks to Bob Maas for setting up LibrettoWorld originally and for his many contributions over the past couple of years and wish him all the best with his future ventures.

Meanwhile, it’s business as usual – as part of the server move, the site has been updated to the latest release of WordPress and PHPBB and I’ll be posting some more articles in the near future, including a HOWTO on running Fedora 12/Linux on a Libretto U100 laptop.

There has also been a few changes to some of the pages, links and the removal of google adwords, there is still some work to be done like doing a proper theme for the blog and forum and updating some of the content in the blog based on the great information in the forum.

Just posted on AC!

Check out my recently published content on AC:

Toshiba Libretto, Mother of All Netbooks!

What do you think of that?

Gaming on the libretto 50 CT

Did you know that you can actually play games on your Libretto 50 CT?

The first netbook in the world!

Today, I cam accoss a veru entertaining article on the Toshiba Libretto 70 CT, being the mother of all netbooks. That statement is exactly the same as I think about the Libretto.

The author takes a look at the libby as if it is a modern, stat-of-the-art netbook. Really fun to read!

Read all about the first netbook in world: the Toshiba Libretto 70CT.

Librettoworld redesign, move, upgrade!

Yep, I’m planning to redesig, move it it another (American) server and upgrade the WordPress software to the latest stable release.

Well, this is the plan I just came up with:

Look for a nice FREE design, WordPress 2.8 compatible. If somebody has a good idea, or even want to design a FREEcustom WordPress layout for Librettoworld, please contact me or leave a comment!

Install the latest verion of WordPress on the new server (

Move all the data to the new server.

Instal the latest version on the PHPBB forum software ( and move the forum to the new server also.

Clean the forums user database, because we get an awful lot of spooky users.

If one of you readers really feels to need to help me with this (espacially the PHPBB software), please contact me. Every help is really appreciated.

Puppy linux on the Libretto 50 CT

It has been a while since my last post, but I promise you to post more often…

I found a very usefull forum post on installing Puppy Linux on a Libretto 50CT (click on the link). Net to that, some intersting links, tips and how-to’s are posted there.

Take a look if you are interested.

Windows 7 on the Libretto U100

Today I managed to install the build 7000 van Windows 7 Beta on my Libretto U100!

From some forums I’d already learned that Windows 7 Beta is pretty stable and much hardware is already supported. Also for my U100, almost everything worked out of the box:

  • Screen resolution: 1280×768 working, although the VGA chip is not recognized
  • WiFi is working
  • Sound, working
  • Bluetooth working with default Toshiba bluetoothstack driver for Windows XP
  • Fingerprint reader, not working yet
  • One unknown device. have to fihure out what that is

The overall performance is very good. Much better that Vista! All themes are working.
I have to check the Performance index, but upfront I do not expect much on this.

I’ll keep you informed about my findings!

Libretto U100 XBMC mediacenter

So, I finally have a usefull destination for my U100: I want to use is as a XBMC mediacenter.

First of all, I did not do a lot of searching on the internet if is is even possible to have a Libretto U100 act as a mediacenter. But, what the heck, let’s gicve it a try.

If you have some usefull information, tips, tricks or just want to have a good laugh on my account, please visit the topic in the Toshiba Libretto Forum

Xubunto 8.10 on my Libretto u100

Yesterday I upgraded my Xubuntu to the latest 8.10 release.

Everything seemed to went well, but after a reboot the display manager won’t start anymore. After login and a simple sudo gdm, I’m back on a Ubuntu (!) login screen to enter my XFCE desktop.

Think I’m going to reinstall the thing, because I’m planning to make it dualboot with Win dows XP again.

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